1. Dust My Broom live Andy Kimbel w/Chet Gardiner 2:15
  2. The Outside Track Andy Kimbel w/Chet Gardiner 5:23
Andy KImbel Lgo


Andy Kimbel delivers spirited, dynamically-packed performances while showcasing both self- penned original songs and strong interpretations of early classic country-blues and early 70's based folk while captivating audiences with his highly reviewed acoustic guitar work. Whether it be a performance for 40 people at a folk club or house concert, thousands at a festival or millions on television as he did regularly on QVC earlier in his career, Kimbel makes the stage his home and it shows.

Kimbel’s shows have lots of "wow" appeal and offer a very entertaining time for all. If you enjoy exciting guitar work and the music of the classic acoustic country blues masters as well as guitar styles of artists such as Jorma Kaukonen, Chris Smither, Bob Dylan and Leo Kottke, then you will surely appreciate Andy Kimbel.


Over the last 26+ years, Andy Kimbel as an “indie” artist, and on occasion with his backing AK Express band, has performed over 2000 shows at a variety of venues from large festivals and concert halls to smaller more intimate folk clubs, house concerts and listening rooms.

The majority of Andy’s audiences who have provided a foundation for his fairly consistent top ten rankings in several indie charts, hail from North America, Canada, and parts of Europe. Fans of the acoustic guitar and those who play are drawn to Andy’s “Acoustic Energy” as his improvisational guitar work shows remarkable musicianship As his fans will attest, Andy's style is indeed his own and comes from within.


Those who continue to enjoy roots-based folk and blues are drawn to Andy Kimbel as are many music fans who have come to acknowledge and appreciate his musicianship, natural raw talent, and endearing stage presence.. . ( see more  Press)

"..  I also really enjoyed the set at the end ESPECIALLY the mixing of Celtic and blues "feel" IN THE SAME SONG!!! gotta like it! GOD, I like that!!! I know you don't need to hear it from me...but Andy is a friggin phenomenal player! I love hearing an artist who's obviously been "pushing the edge" for a long time and has found their own authentic/original writing voice...which is something when it's only you and 6 strings---my hat's off to him.... "   Performance Magazine