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Andy Kimbel is pleased and proud to be In partnership with Taylor Guitars. He joins the Taylor Guitars artist roster that includes contemporary artists such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Zac Brown, and Jason Mraz.  Leo  Kottke has also been a Taylor Guitars artist and who can forget the Kottke Signature 12 string? 

Kimbel loves the overall brilliant sound and amazing playability that the various Taylor models offer.  He will be recording his next project "Simple Reasons " with a Taylor 12 string and other Taylor models. Watch him perform with the Taylor 12 string guitar live to truly experience what these instruments can do. (Oh...and  yes, he is only playing one guitar at a time)

New gear update: Andy Kimbel is now a proud endorser/endorsee of LR Baggs acoustic guitar amplification systems and Guitar DI's.  He utilizes the Lyric, Demo'd the Venue will be installing an LR Baggs M1 system in his Tacoma guitar and is extremely pleased.  Andy plays a lot of guitar and has been doing it to it for a very long time.  When he performs, his goal is to capture the delicacy, complexity of overtones and natural sound of the acoustic instrument as if the listener were with him in his living room. They are simply the best at what they do. Visit LRBaggs.com for product info!

New gear update:Andy uses the Performance 3 Capo made by G7th Capos in the UK. It is very easy to use with no screw bolts, snaps or handle squeezes. Most important in addition to its slim deign and simplicity, is that re-tuning if at all is negligible. Andy stated that it is the most effective and easy to use capo that he has ever used. You will not be disappointed.  Andy Has one appropriate for the Taylor 12 sting, as well as the Collings six string instruments. Here is the link for more info https://www.g7th.com/p3

*Excerpts from a  2008 conversation with Andy Kimbel from live Masters Workshop Session.

What kind of guitars do you play??

I am asked this pretty often.

I love to perform with a quite remarkable Collings OM2HC model guitar. It's not just the quality of the build and sound, but talso the complexity of the overtones that I find quite remarkable. I hear things that continue to inspire me all the time. It is just amazing.

I do still sometimes tour with Yariri Alvarez DY88's, one black (Mandy), and one blue, (Randy). These guitars have been the tools of my trade, mostly in the early stages of my career. They are very dependable, very brilliant stage guitars.

In the band, I play a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar that my father bought for me at the time. It has been with me since my high school bands. One of these days, I am going to add a Fender Strat American Deluxe. I love that guitar too.

I sometimes utilize a Tacoma DM9. It is a nice sounding guitar and offers the agility of an electric guitar for me anyway. It is real easy to get around on the neck of this instrument which makes it a lot of fun to play.
Thanks to the Three Rivers Folksong Society In Richland Washington. for that one.

I also on occasion, play a National Resophonic guitar. Audiences really seem to enjoy the sound and experience of the guitar. I guess I should take it out more often. The National is just plain old fun. I use several different tunings to generate lots of interesting music, never a dull moment. 


Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar
Andy's National Steel Guitar
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Andy Kimbel pleased to be partnered with Taylor Guitars