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From Sam Ash Music Stores to endorsements by music accessory companies and guitar builders, Andy's "Fast Track to the Guitar" learning sessions have so much acclaim and positive reviews that this part of Andy's career should probably have it's own website. Our professional team of instructors all have established performing careers, and look forward to sharing their experience, and providing expert tips and advanced methodologies.

Contact us for information regardless of where you are located in the world, local in SoCal, or anywhere else. Regardless of your playing level, age, and experience,   Andy's "Fast Track to the Guitar" program starts you out of the gate with some great complex-sounding guitar passages, then we walk back and figure out how we got there. Students have performed on stage after just a few sessions!  There are no pencils, book,s tabs or charts.  True...We'll provide you with guitar technique and performance tips that will greatly accelerate your comfort level, confidence, and playing ability, without the use of tabs, books or pencils!


Andy and his dedicated experienced team provide engaging, effective, and fun Guitar and Stage Performance workshops.

Contact us and we'll tell you how it works. Perfect for festivals, schools, cafe's and also private groups and individuals.

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