Andy’s Song Splash

Dave’s in Glendale CA located at 708 E. Broadway, is where Andy is taking up part-time residency for another Andy Kimbel’s acoustic “Song Splash” Open Mic. It happens every other Thursday evening from 9:00-1:00. You can cut to the chase and sign up here if you would like,

Andy’s previous Open stage events at a venue called:”The Point” and also Sam Adams Brew in Pennsylvania, gained him two “Best of Philly” awards as they both became the most popular and best Open Mic events at least east of the Mississippi, with well over 30 and on occasion, over 60 talented singer-songwriters from all over the area, the country and the world taking the stage. We’re doing it again now in California. This is a programmed Open Mic. It is not first to come first serve. the 9:00-1:00 time frame gives us about 15 performance slots. We will do our best to have you play close to your requested time.

All performance slots will include no more than three songs, (occasionally two). This may change from week to week depending on the number of confirmed performers. Make sure to click the Open Mic Tips link below for helpful hints. The sign up form is there as well. The only exceptions of time and number of songs will be determined by Andy Kimbel in advance.

On Alternate Thursdays, Anthony continues to host the Open Mic at Dave’s. When Andy Kimbel is on the road performing, either Anthony or Ed Cosgrove will be stepping in from time to time. Ed has previously hosted the event for a number of years. He is a very good open mic host and talented singer-songwriter.